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How Much Protein Do You Need?

Some people such as vegetarians or certain athletes will need to add certain Protein Powders into their diets.  Most people and health professionals today realize that diet can play an important role in your overall health.  Protein is an important factor in helping to keep us healthy and for your body to function properly.  Even though most of us consume more proteins than our body truly needs, there are some that do not consume enough proteins creating many various health problems.

What Does Protein Do For Our Bodies?

Protein is one of the most important things for our diets.  Our bones, tissues and nerves are all made from proteins.  As our body replaces many cells and tissues on a regular basis, these proteins are important in our diets so we can create new tissues to replace the old ones.

If we sustain an injury, the proteins in our body is what is used to rebuild and help to repair the damaged tissues, nerves and bones that have been injured.  Without enough protein in our body our body could not heal these injuries or to regenerate the new tissues that our body needs to make on a regular basis.

What was once thought that was the main source of protein in our diets has now dropped down the list a ways.  With additional research, the realization that there are now other items that add a higher protein level to our diets.

What Are Now Believed To Be The Best Protein Sources?

  • Whey products are now proven to be the highest level of proteins. Such as from milk sources and cheeses
  • Next would be eggs.  Especially the egg whites are packed with proteins.
  • Beef is the next source which at one time was to be considered the number one source
  • Casein which is derived from milk sources
  • Soy comes in at number 5 in the top 5 sources of proteins in our diets

How Do We Know If We Are Getting Enough Protein?

Many athletes will take supplements to add additional proteins to their diets.   For most of us that live a normal lifestyle and eat a normal diet, we should be getting close to enough protein in our diets.  But for those who live a more active lifestyle such as athletes like muscle builders and those that work on developing more muscle mass, they will require more proteins in their diets.

When an athlete is trying to develop more muscle mass, the trainers will have them work the muscles to the point that they are injured. ( There is also a debate which type of protein works better for athletes, covered more here ).

Our body will rebuild them making new and stronger muscles as they are being worked and made stronger.  Without the extra protein in our bodies we would be unable to build up additional muscle mass.

People that eat a minimal diet such as vegetarians will sometimes have to add an additional protein source to their diets to keep their bodies healthy.   There are a variety of different sources in the forms of powders and liquids that claim to add the needed proteins, but be sure to do your homework and before wasting your money on products that do not work.

Some have said that the most beneficial protein powders are made from sources of whey and egg whites and will work the best to repair and keep your body healthy.

To Take or Not To Take Supplements

The iron supplements

Nowadays, a lot of people are confused between different sources of information and wondering if they should take or Not to Take Supplements.

The Against side:

On one hand, some doctors say that taking supplements does not actually help a healthy individual whatsoever, but rather, if used excessively might cause them more harm than good.

For example, vitamin c is known to have great effect on the health especially by enhancing body immune system and curing some illnesses like flu. They say that the last statement is not actually true. Although a lot of studies claim that it has a role in curing flu symptoms, there is no solid evidence behind this claim.

They actually also claim that overdosing vitamin c with more than a daily recommended dose of 2 gm per day could cause kidney stones. Other than that they say that most of our food contains a lot of vitamin c, which eliminates the need to take supplements at all.

This argument sounds legitimate, but actually does not eliminate the need to use supplements at all, but they just are trying to make consuming supplements controlled, which is not a bad thing to consider.

The With side:

On the other hand, some doctors say that our food system doesn’t cover our body needs totally.

Actually if we consider that most of our food is not considered food at all, such as processed food and genetically modified organisms GMOs, we could clearly say that our bodies are just passages for in and out and feeling full out of things it doesn’t even recognize, not to mention digest.

This argument is supported by a lot of studies that targeted our food system considering a lot of factor such as contemporary illnesses, depression rates and other factors that prove that our father’s food system did not have all these contaminants and this is why they had better health than we do.

The bottom line

The bottom line is, a lot of studies has shown us that supplements doesn’t affect healthy people and doesn’t cure illnesses, while other studies defy those studies and encourage people to have a healthy diet reinforced with supplements to make up for what our bodies lack.

Those studies actually do not contradict, and can tolerate with each other if we change our perspective:

The iron supplements

If we keep using supplements to give our bodies what they lack from the food system within the daily suggested dose, then we actually are tolerating both studies regarding supplements diet.

On the other hand we could focus our view on supplements that are good for us as individuals, not in general, for example, if some woman is an athlete, she should consider supplements that are targeted for athletes within healthy doses, to help us develop better muscle tissues. but if she became pregnant, then she should switch her focus towards health supplements she needs as a pregnant woman, again within the daily dose suggested by health departments and FDA or any other health institution that is specialized in such issues.

Omega 3 Supplements: Another Way to Good Health

omega 3 supplements

Omega 3 supplements are fatty acids that come either from fish and fish oil or some plant source.

These fatty acids are believed to have good effects on the body overall as they help preventing heart disease through:

 Lowering blood pressure.
 Reducing triglycerides.
 Slowing plaque development in arteries.
 Reducing the abnormal heart rhythm chance .
 Reducing the possibility of heart problems and strokes.
 Reducing the sudden cardiac death chance in people who suffer from heart disease.

Other benefits:

These are all benefits that concern the heart but are not limited to it as Omega 3 fatty acids also believed to:check more at

 Lower cholesterol.
 Ease joints pain.
 Fight wrinkles and skin ailments.
 Improve memory.
 Boost mood.

All these benefits come from consuming omega 3 supplements with the recommended doses, as they are bound to the supplements rule that you can benefit from them as long as you are consistent in taking them.

One of the greatest reasons to take omega 3 supplements is to improve your memory and your brain activity overall. As it is different from omega 6 fatty acid, the omega 3 fatty acids help the brain make better neural connections, and thus, better concentration, better memory and enhanced attitude.

However, do not overdose yourself with it because it would make you drowsy for the rest of the day. I recall having 4 fish oil pills and that is exactly what has happened to me. And it is well known that what being extreme in good things makes them bad things.

Side effects

So everybody needs to take them, but is there any side effects to taking them?

Actually there could be some side effects that include:

 A fishy taste in your mouth.
 Breath that smells like fish.
 Stomach upsets may attack.
 loose stools may occur.
 nausea sometimes.
Safe dose

So now we know the benefits and the side effects of omega 3 supplements on the human health, but it leaves us wondering about the safe dose to take daily to get the benefits of it.The American Heart Association suggests that 1 gm per day is the daily recommended dose to take by healthy adults. Those who suffer from heart disease, should take 2-4 grams per day.visit this link for more reviews.

Children on the other hand, should not take omega 3 supplements unless with doctor prescription,The AHA also says that a maximum of 3 gm of this supplement per day is considered safe.

omega 3 supplements

Where does it exist in nature?

There are plenty of foods that are rich with omega 3 fatty acids such as fish and its oil, especially cool sea fish such as salmon, mackerel, sardine, and tuna.While the botanical sources are flaxseed and canola oils, soybeans and tofu, and walnuts; another rich source of omega 3 fatty acids is cod liver.

From what is aforementioned we could see clearly that omega 3 supplements are a means of having a great health to our brain, heart and body if used wisely and under medical supervision so that we could enjoy a better and happier life.

When Can Supplements Help You?


Our food system nowadays has become more unnatural and unhealthy than any other time in history. Processed food has taken over real food, Genetically modified organisms has become the norm in our supermarkets, and most fast food restaurant, if not all, continue to give us food that has no nutritional value whatsoever.

This is where came new industries that are concerned with the health of the population after being harmed by unhealthy foods; one of these movements is the chemical drugs supplements.

These drugs mainly contain antioxidants, vitamins, amino acids, and minerals that the food system does not provide the body enough. This on its part helps us just to reach the nutritional value of our ancestors.
So when can these supplements help us?

Make up for food system deficiency

When supplements are used to make up for the faults of an unhealthy diet, they meet success as they provide everything the body needs according to doses one takes daily.check more facts about this at

And this by its part, continue to help the body build different chemicals and vitamins that would help the human body thrive, be self sustained, healthier and less dependent on treatments.

Enhance the immune system and body functionality

Vitamins supplements are a clear example for this, such as when body has enough from what it needs to build antibodies; it would need less, if at all, of antibiotics that have only emerged in the last century.
On the other hand, a lot of our organs don’t function with the full capacity as they were designed to. And this alone leaves us crippled comparing to our fathers and grandfathers in the last century.

Treat illnesses that are hard to cure

The new schools of alternative medicine recommend supplements not as food supplements only, but also as treatments that cure illnesses.A whole new school of medicine has only emerged using vitamin C to treat most illnesses. From ridiculous flu to cancer, claiming that our bodies are designed to self cure themselves from any illness, if they had the raw materials.

Vitamin c is considered the most important supplement that everybody needs a daily dose of, to replace blemishing cells that grow older day after day.Another example for this is the need of our bodies for minerals that help in different things, starting with curing infections, to enhancing memory, ending with treating tumors.

Increase your mind and body abilities

Just like supplements help your body organs perform greatly, it can help both the body and mind perform outstandingly.

Our bodies were not designed to take chemicals, but rather, all what is really needed is in the nature and if taken properly, these supplements can make wonders, not by making you a superhuman, but by taking you back to what you already are.


From one view, taking important supplements that are important to the brain such as nicotinic acid (B3), lecithin, and other supplements that are important to the brain was reported to differ the children in class by their brain activity and speed.

From the other view taking the important supplements for bodybuilding such as whey proteins was proven to build muscles quicker than without it.

These schools prove that a healthy diet can not only enhance how our bodies are functioning, but also prove that it can replace the chemical medicine altogether with no side effects.

Why Choose Natural Whey Protein Powders?

Natural options

It is well known to everybody if you hit the gym regularly, that protein powders are rich sources of amino acids that help muscles to grow and thrive to the desired shapes in great times.

However, they are still considered to be unhealthy compared to natural sources of proteins, and here is when science discovered the natural whey protein powder supplements.

While whey protein powders are great and overweigh other types of muscle growth stimulators, they are also greatly overlooked ,and it has great benefits that could be summarized in:

Losing weight while maintaining muscles

I was shocked to hear this one myself the first time. How on earth would one lose fat and preserve muscle tissues at the same time. well that is what they discovered in a study for 12 weeks, comparing participants who took amino acid and those who took whey protein that could have made a better progress and that was what actually happened:

Those who consumed whey protein powder, had a better muscle maintenance rate than those who took amino acids, plus faster fat loss.

Get bigger and stronger

Everybody goes to the gym to get ripped, or in case of women, get fit, But this would take a long time and hard work to actually get great results and shape needed.

Nonetheless, whey protein powder of different types and flavours could give you faster results with minimum side effects. As you will have no more kidney pressure with the all natural whey protein powder. The key to use it greatly is by consuming it one hour before and after the workout, to get marvelous results.

Mitigate your appetite

Whey protein powder actually gives also a feeling of being full just by eating it, this is due to its nature, it works just like a high calorie chocolate bar but without the extra calories. and it is available as food bars too. So if you feel hungry and would like to keep your diet, just grab a whey protein bar and you will feel no longer the need to eat, plus the benefits.

Cancer prevention

As researches proved that protein in general have cancer fighting nature, whey protein is the safest type of protein to get, and while so, if you are on a treatment for cancer, consider consulting your doctor for adding whey protein powder to your diet.


Some studies that took place in Netherlands, concluded with results assuring that whey protein powders actually help depressed people to cope with the stress.

Natural options

One of these actually studied 58 subjects and concluded that those who were on whey proteins actually had more stable moods. This was assumed to be due to the effect of these proteins on serotonin levels to become higher in the subjects.

All these benefits of whey protein powders don’t even give a fraction of the studied positive points for these miraculous supplements, in different areas of health.Whether you want better mood or better body, these supplements are for you, guaranteed.

Some Arm Exercises for Women

Arm Exercises for Women

Since the arm muscles are used and exposed more than any muscle in the body, it’s good to have a regimen of arm exercises for women. Starting such a program will give you more confidence when wearing sleeveless or strapless more from my latest blog post.

Arm exercises for women include many variations to work the different arm muscles. The deltoids or shoulder muscles, rotator cuffs, biceps and triceps need special workouts in order to maintain a toned appearance. Especially the triceps that can become flabby and are a concern for most women.

Four arm exercises for women that are quite effective include, the Double Arm Lift, the Sun Lift, Arm Extensions, and Arm Curls. Some of these arm exercises involve the abdominals, which make for a great abs workout for women.go to for more related information.

Double Arm Lift

The Double Arm Lift is done by standing with your feet apart and knees slightly bent. By using a weight for each hand, allow your arms to drop in front of your body 6 inches from your thighs. Raise your fists to the height of your shoulders and hold that position for 5 seconds. Slowly lower your fists back to your thighs. As you repeat this motion, you will gradually see better muscle definition.

Sun Lift

Two of these four arm exercises for women, are designed to work the abdominals and aid in losing that annoying belly fat. The first being the Sun Lift, is accomplished by lying on your back and stretching your arms out from your sides. With weights in both palms and keeping your arms straight, constrict your abs while lifting your arms to meet above your chest. As you hold this position for 10 seconds, make sure that you breathe naturally, then lower your arms back to the starting point.

Arm Extensions

another workout among arm exercises for women is Arm Extensions. This exercise is fairly familiar and is done by using a weight in each hand while tightening your abs with knees slightly bent. Keep a straight back for this exercise and lower your body by bending forward at the hip flexors to about 45 degrees. Without moving your upper arms, extend your arms back, then slowly curl them forward to the starting point and repeat.

Arm Exercises for Women

Arm Curls

The Arm Curl is considered as effective on the list of arm exercises for women. It requires you to sit in a chair with your back and torso straight and aligned. While letting your arms relax along your sides with weights in each hand, face your palms toward the ceiling and curl up to the height of your shoulders. Hold that position for a few seconds and then lower your arms back down along your sides

How Climbing the Stairs Helps You to Lose Weight

climbing the stairs

It may have caught your attention that being overweight has become more of a common issue for quite a lot of people these days, but in reality, it actually doesn’t have to be like that. There are scores of quite ordinary objects that can become powerful allies in your attempts to reverse that particular trend if it has affected you.See related post from

One of the least realized yet most effective ways of exercising at home is that of using a simple flight of stairs to make a difference in your weight. This article will tell you just how you can use these inanimate risers to your advantage and why.

You Have to Do It

Of course, standing at the bottom of a flight of stairs and staring at them for a long time will not make much of a difference to you, apart from being marginally better for you than lounging on the sofa in front of the TV. But when you take the bull by the horns and run all the way up that flight of stairs, then down again, you set in motion a chain of events that can help you not only to lose weight, but to improve your fitness levels and tone up the muscles in the lower part of your body.

You need to repeat that move several times to make a difference, but to begin with you should not overdo it. Just run up and down the stairs until you are out of breath, then stop. Note how many times you repeated that repetition and make it your goal to run up and down one more time the next time that you do it, which will be tomorrow.

Start Slow and Build Up

Like any form of exercise you should always start slow and build up so as to prevent muscle damage and to get you used to it gradually. That way you can increase the number of repetitions on a daily basis until you are running up and down many times without getting out of breath.

This exercise is cardio-vascular in nature, meaning it significantly increases your heart rate, forces your muscles to work hard and in the process to burn off a lot of calories as you use up your body’s store of energy. Your muscles get stronger over time and firm up, eliminating flabby thighs and rear and giving your body a slimmer, fitter look.

climbing the stairs

This is just one exercise that you might consider doing on a daily basis and combining with other exercises that work different muscle groups in your boy to improve your health and fitness levels. This is how to lose weight using a simple everyday object.

It can also help you to look and feel great, which is something that we all aspire to, at least in our minds. Use the stairs and turn those aspirations into a reality! For more information, you might like to read this page:

Finding the Perfect Gym

good workout

Women have a lot of pressure on them. They have to look a certain way and be a certain weight to be considered beautiful by society. As a result, the weight loss industry is a multi-billion-dollar industry including everything from pills and plans to gyms

Finding the right gym if you are a women who is not into being athletic can be difficult. A regular gym is not designed for people who are just looking to maintain their weight or lose pounds in a short amount of time. It also is not a generally supportive environment. Everyone does their own thing; most gyms are designed for athletes and people who are heavily into fitness.

They are impressive and the machines can be intimidating.
If you are a woman, you also have the pressure of trying to work out under the eyes of everyone. Even in the most accepting environment, this pressure exists simply because there are men within the gym working out at the same time. It can be difficult for the person who is not interested in working out for a workout’s sake.

Curves is a women’s only gym. It is designed for people who are not really interested in spending hours in the gym or doing heavy weight lifting. It is designed around a cardiovascular based workout. The design of the gym is based around finding a place where women can be comfortable, work out, and find support and like-minded people. It has been expanded to include a meal plan. It is no longer just a gym but a way that you can get your entire diet and exercise plan together in one place.

The environment is designed to get you in quickly and get you out quickly. There are no fancy pieces of equipment that take twenty minutes to set up and you need a degree to work out how to use them. These are simple machines that target areas that women have the most trouble with and provides them with a fun way to shed pounds and get in shape.If you need more detailed about finding he best gym, you can visit

good workout

The concept has been surprisingly effective, when the gym started out, it was a novelty. However, they have continued to grow and now offer a complete package. Everyone knows that exercise is not enough; you have to eat healthy too. Just as everyone knows, that without exercise, eating healthy will not get you as far as the combination of both exercise and diet.

The right combination of diet and exercise is often not enough. There needs to be a supportive environment that encourages you to come back and makes the entire process fun. This concept has been what has taken this company from a few gyms to a worldwide movement.