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Omega 3 Supplements: Another Way to Good Health

omega 3 supplements

Omega 3 supplements are fatty acids that come either from fish and fish oil or some plant source.

These fatty acids are believed to have good effects on the body overall as they help preventing heart disease through:

 Lowering blood pressure.
 Reducing triglycerides.
 Slowing plaque development in arteries.
 Reducing the abnormal heart rhythm chance .
 Reducing the possibility of heart problems and strokes.
 Reducing the sudden cardiac death chance in people who suffer from heart disease.

Other benefits:

These are all benefits that concern the heart but are not limited to it as Omega 3 fatty acids also believed to:check more at

 Lower cholesterol.
 Ease joints pain.
 Fight wrinkles and skin ailments.
 Improve memory.
 Boost mood.

All these benefits come from consuming omega 3 supplements with the recommended doses, as they are bound to the supplements rule that you can benefit from them as long as you are consistent in taking them.

One of the greatest reasons to take omega 3 supplements is to improve your memory and your brain activity overall. As it is different from omega 6 fatty acid, the omega 3 fatty acids help the brain make better neural connections, and thus, better concentration, better memory and enhanced attitude.

However, do not overdose yourself with it because it would make you drowsy for the rest of the day. I recall having 4 fish oil pills and that is exactly what has happened to me. And it is well known that what being extreme in good things makes them bad things.

Side effects

So everybody needs to take them, but is there any side effects to taking them?

Actually there could be some side effects that include:

 A fishy taste in your mouth.
 Breath that smells like fish.
 Stomach upsets may attack.
 loose stools may occur.
 nausea sometimes.
Safe dose

So now we know the benefits and the side effects of omega 3 supplements on the human health, but it leaves us wondering about the safe dose to take daily to get the benefits of it.The American Heart Association suggests that 1 gm per day is the daily recommended dose to take by healthy adults. Those who suffer from heart disease, should take 2-4 grams per day.visit this link for more reviews.

Children on the other hand, should not take omega 3 supplements unless with doctor prescription,The AHA also says that a maximum of 3 gm of this supplement per day is considered safe.

omega 3 supplements

Where does it exist in nature?

There are plenty of foods that are rich with omega 3 fatty acids such as fish and its oil, especially cool sea fish such as salmon, mackerel, sardine, and tuna.While the botanical sources are flaxseed and canola oils, soybeans and tofu, and walnuts; another rich source of omega 3 fatty acids is cod liver.

From what is aforementioned we could see clearly that omega 3 supplements are a means of having a great health to our brain, heart and body if used wisely and under medical supervision so that we could enjoy a better and happier life.

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