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How Much Protein Do You Need?

Some people such as vegetarians or certain athletes will need to add certain Protein Powders into their diets.  Most people and health professionals today realize that diet can play an important role in your overall health.  Protein is an important factor in helping to keep us healthy and for your body to function properly.  Even though most of us consume more proteins than our body truly needs, there are some that do not consume enough proteins creating many various health problems.

What Does Protein Do For Our Bodies?

Protein is one of the most important things for our diets.  Our bones, tissues and nerves are all made from proteins.  As our body replaces many cells and tissues on a regular basis, these proteins are important in our diets so we can create new tissues to replace the old ones.

If we sustain an injury, the proteins in our body is what is used to rebuild and help to repair the damaged tissues, nerves and bones that have been injured.  Without enough protein in our body our body could not heal these injuries or to regenerate the new tissues that our body needs to make on a regular basis.

What was once thought that was the main source of protein in our diets has now dropped down the list a ways.  With additional research, the realization that there are now other items that add a higher protein level to our diets.

What Are Now Believed To Be The Best Protein Sources?

  • Whey products are now proven to be the highest level of proteins. Such as from milk sources and cheeses
  • Next would be eggs.  Especially the egg whites are packed with proteins.
  • Beef is the next source which at one time was to be considered the number one source
  • Casein which is derived from milk sources
  • Soy comes in at number 5 in the top 5 sources of proteins in our diets

How Do We Know If We Are Getting Enough Protein?

Many athletes will take supplements to add additional proteins to their diets.   For most of us that live a normal lifestyle and eat a normal diet, we should be getting close to enough protein in our diets.  But for those who live a more active lifestyle such as athletes like muscle builders and those that work on developing more muscle mass, they will require more proteins in their diets.

When an athlete is trying to develop more muscle mass, the trainers will have them work the muscles to the point that they are injured. ( There is also a debate which type of protein works better for athletes, covered more here ).

Our body will rebuild them making new and stronger muscles as they are being worked and made stronger.  Without the extra protein in our bodies we would be unable to build up additional muscle mass.

People that eat a minimal diet such as vegetarians will sometimes have to add an additional protein source to their diets to keep their bodies healthy.   There are a variety of different sources in the forms of powders and liquids that claim to add the needed proteins, but be sure to do your homework and before wasting your money on products that do not work.

Some have said that the most beneficial protein powders are made from sources of whey and egg whites and will work the best to repair and keep your body healthy.

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