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To Take or Not To Take Supplements

The iron supplements

Nowadays, a lot of people are confused between different sources of information and wondering if they should take or Not to Take Supplements.

The Against side:

On one hand, some doctors say that taking supplements does not actually help a healthy individual whatsoever, but rather, if used excessively might cause them more harm than good.

For example, vitamin c is known to have great effect on the health especially by enhancing body immune system and curing some illnesses like flu. They say that the last statement is not actually true. Although a lot of studies claim that it has a role in curing flu symptoms, there is no solid evidence behind this claim.

They actually also claim that overdosing vitamin c with more than a daily recommended dose of 2 gm per day could cause kidney stones. Other than that they say that most of our food contains a lot of vitamin c, which eliminates the need to take supplements at all.

This argument sounds legitimate, but actually does not eliminate the need to use supplements at all, but they just are trying to make consuming supplements controlled, which is not a bad thing to consider.

The With side:

On the other hand, some doctors say that our food system doesn’t cover our body needs totally.

Actually if we consider that most of our food is not considered food at all, such as processed food and genetically modified organisms GMOs, we could clearly say that our bodies are just passages for in and out and feeling full out of things it doesn’t even recognize, not to mention digest.

This argument is supported by a lot of studies that targeted our food system considering a lot of factor such as contemporary illnesses, depression rates and other factors that prove that our father’s food system did not have all these contaminants and this is why they had better health than we do.

The bottom line

The bottom line is, a lot of studies has shown us that supplements doesn’t affect healthy people and doesn’t cure illnesses, while other studies defy those studies and encourage people to have a healthy diet reinforced with supplements to make up for what our bodies lack.

Those studies actually do not contradict, and can tolerate with each other if we change our perspective:

The iron supplements

If we keep using supplements to give our bodies what they lack from the food system within the daily suggested dose, then we actually are tolerating both studies regarding supplements diet.

On the other hand we could focus our view on supplements that are good for us as individuals, not in general, for example, if some woman is an athlete, she should consider supplements that are targeted for athletes within healthy doses, to help us develop better muscle tissues. but if she became pregnant, then she should switch her focus towards health supplements she needs as a pregnant woman, again within the daily dose suggested by health departments and FDA or any other health institution that is specialized in such issues.

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